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  • Sylva, NC, USA
  • $15.00
  • Hourly
  • Part Time
  • None

Statement of Primary Purpose
Responsible for assistance of preparation of food properly and safety. Running cash register. Keeping dining room clean and clear of left behind debris.

Part Time, Non-exempt; Auxiliary Services

Essential Functions and Responsibilities
• Typically work M-Th from 8 am - 2 pm; must have flexibility for other requirements
• Prepare, cook and serve food; supporting breakfast and lunch through such activities as batch cooking, working on a serving line and cashiering.
• Assist opening or closing kitchen, set up equipment, prepare cafeteria for serving or close and secure kitchen for the night.
• Maintain accurate food service records.
• Maintain consistency in food preparation and service to students and college employees.
• Prepare equipment for food preparation and monitor refrigeration equipment.
• Prepare food for next day
• Ensure clean and sanitized cooking and eating utensils, counters and equipment.
• Perform related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications
• High school or equivalent education.
• 2-3 years Culinary experience required

Knowledge and Skills
• Knowledge of preparation, cooking and serving of food in large quantities
• Knowledge of special dietary requirements
• Knowledge of practices used in receiving and storing food in large quantities
• Knowledge of kitchen sanitation and safety measures and equipment
• Deliver courteous and professional service

Physical Demands
Must be able to:
• Stand for seven to eight continuous hours
• Stoop, squat, kneel and/or bend
• Bend from a standing position in a manner that allows the palms to touch the knees (as in washing of pots and pans in deep sinks)
• Bend from the waist in a standing position with arms outstretched for an extended period of time (as in service of food)
• Twist, turn, and/or stretch from side to side that allows the shoulders to be perpendicular to the hips (as in mopping, stocking shelves, removing food from ovens, etc.)
• Lift, carry, and/or support 30 pounds from shoulder level to above the head (as in placing food in ovens, freezers, stockroom shelves, etc.)
• Perform duties requiring repetitive motions with hands and wrists (as in slicing, dicing, washing, counting money, scrubbing, scraping, etc.)
• Stock, wash, prepare, serve, and handle all types of foods (awareness food allergies can be worsened by exposure to items containing those foods)
• Work with caustic and non-caustic chemicals (awareness skin allergies and sensitivities can be worsened by exposure to some cleaning chemicals; awareness some breathing difficulties, such as asthma or emphysema, can be worsened by exposure to cleaning chemicals)
• Work in very hot, humid environment
• Maintain high standards of personal cleanliness
• Use sound sanitation principles
• Understand and follow oral and written directions
• Read and follow recipes and adjust amounts needed
• Basic computer skills

Licensing Requirement
Successful completion of nationally recognized food/safety/sanitation exam.

Working Conditions and Environment
Hot and humid kitchen environment. Standing bending, lifting and other physical activities associated with food preparation

Equipment Operation
Equipment consists of the standard tools/machinery used in a commercial food preparation

This position description covers the most essential functions and duties associated with this position. Other duties may be assigned by the President or appropriate supervisory personnel. The College reserves the right to alter duties, responsibilities, conditions, working hours, and job title as necessary.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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